How it Works


Each Trainee has an assigned Training Guide.  Six hours per week gives Trainees very satisfying progress. Trainees can choose to attend study groups from 30 weekly meetings. Two study group meetings per week are best. Trainees fill out their worksheets during study group meetings or on their own.  
Four support groups (Chats) per week are also recommended.  Trainees from a schedule of 48 support group meetings per week.
There are no deadlines, quizzes, or reports.  Learning happens in the most relaxing way, i.e., through conversation, collaboration, and repetition. Learning is self-paced.  The structure is stress-free to avoid triggering cravings. Six months is the minimum required time for Phase 1, but Trainees can take as long as they want.
Note on language: Food-addicted persons are referred to as clients.  Clients may be ARC Members, friends, family, patients, prospects, social media followers, and Trainees themselves. Practitioners may be medical personnel, coaches, ARC advocates, and anyone who wants to help another person.

Prerequisites. The FARA Training is open to anyone wanting to help another person.  The Training is comprehensive and focused so no prerequisites are required.  The sole exception is that Trainees must belong to our daily living program, The Addiction Reset Community (ARC).